As part of our quality and safety procedures, we recently found that BAM City handlebars could pose a risk of breakage under certain conditions of use despite its compliance with current ISO 4210 standard for City / Trekking bicycles. Specifically it concerns the 1st version of BAM City handlebar sold from May 2015 to June 2017. BAM City 2nd version delivered from 1st July 2017 is not concerned by this recall. For this 2nd version we went much further and passed the ADVANCED standard from german institute ZEDLER. Nevertheless, BAM City 1st version can present a risk of breakage and serious accident which can lead to death.

In application of precautionary principle, we ask to all users of BAM City 1st version to immediately stop using it.

If you are concerned and bought your BAM City handlebar as an Aftermarket component please contact us as soon as possible on the following email address : for product registration and proceed to its exchange.

This handlebar has also been mounted as an Original Equipement for several bike manufacturers. It concerns NOVA model from NEOMOUV and URBAN 11S and CROSS Lite models from BULLS. This handlebar has also been proposed as an option for IDWORX, TOUT TERRAIN, HILITE and QUANTOR bikes. If you bought on one of these bikes mounted with a BAM City handlebar, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer to replace it as soon as possible.

BAM City 1st version can be recognized by different criteria :

- BAM City with white insert parts (see photo below) are all from 1st version and also concerned by this recall.


- For BAM City with black insert parts you have to check if you can see a circle on the front face of the stem mounting area (see photo below). In this case it’s a 1st version handlebar concerned by this recall.


If you have any doubt please contact us on the following email address :