Are BARAMIND handlebars compatible with any bike?

Yes, BARAMIND handlebars are absolutly standard. You can mount any shifter, brake lever and grips. You simply have to check your stem diameter which s 31.8 mm for every BARAMIND handlebars. If your stem diameter is different you just have to change it for a 31.8 mm (you can easy find affordable model on any bike store).

Can I cut my BARAMIND handlebar?

Yes, you can cut your BARAMIND handlebar but you have to know that the more you will cut it, the less it will be flexible (and so less efficient to absorb shocks and vibrations). Also before cutting you have to check that you keep enought place to mount all your levers and grips.

Is it not destabilizing to ride with a flexible handlebar?

Not at all, BARAMIND handlebars are flexible but its flexibility has been specially designed to not disturb your riding control. When riding, you almost don’t feel that handlebar flex down. Its efficiency is optimal on high frequency shocks meaning when you ride fast on low quality roads or rocky paths.

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