Optimal comfort

BARAMIND handlebars use patented SHOCK ABSORBAR© technology to absorb shocks and vibrations. Muscle fatigue at the level of the upper limb (wrist, arm, shoulder) is significantly reduced. Your riding comfort is also optimal. Besides a better control of your bike, BARAMIND handlebars are also involved in the prevention of Musculo Skeletal Disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Flexible system

Using composite materials and thanks to a specific design, BARAMIND handlebars are flexible vertically while staying rigid horizontally. But that's not all, they are only flexible downwards and remain rigid upwards. This is possible thanks to their exclusive insert system (unique on the market) that keeps the handlebar rigid when you pull on.

Reducing impacts

Several comparative studies between BARAMIND handlebar Vs standard handlebar has been done on the field using 2D accelerometers and slow-motion cameras. Results clearly show peaks shaving of shocks recorded on rough terrain. In other words with BARAMIND handlebars you relieve your wrists!