BAM MTB handlebar is the evolution of BAM XC. It’s the ultimate version based on our patented system of customizable inserts. You can also regulate handlebars flexibility by using HARD or SOFT insert kit (included). BAM MTB is manufactured using a specific association of carbon and fiberglass for maximum strength and lightness. Its design and angles are modern to match with the new requirements of off-road riding. 100 % manufactured in France.


Width :

710 mm

BackSweep :

UpSweep :

Stem diameter :

31,8 mm

Weight :

270 gr

Handlebar color :


Insert color :


Material :

Carbon Fiber - Composite Mix


Insert System

BAM MTB handlebar is rigid upwards and flexible and adjustable downwards thanks to its customizable insert system. Inserts work in compression which makes it possible to regulate handlebar flexibility. On the upper part, LOCK inserts (high stiffness) are used to block flexibility when you pull upwards. On the lower part, 2 different insert kit can be used : HARD or SOFT for flexibility regulation.

Combining skiing and aeronautics technologies, BAM MTB is manufactured using a one-piece RTM molding process with a foam core.