BAM City handlebar is specifically designed for city and trekking bikes. Obstacles of the road like potholes or cobblestones become your new playground! BAM City improve your riding comfort and control. Its 20° backsweep ensure a natural and ergonomic handling. It also helps on Musculo Skeletal Disorders prevention such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 100 % manufactured in France.


Width :

620 mm

BackSweep :


UpSweep :

Stem diameter :

31,8 mm

Weight :

330 gr

Handlebar color :


Insert color :


Material :

Hybrid Advanced Composite


BAM City Material

BAM City is designed using a new kind of material which is directly coming from aeronautics industry (hybrid advanced composite). This new kind of material is the best compromise between mechanical resistance, flexibility and lightness to respect our functional specifications. We make it more simple, no way to regulate flexibility downwards. Insert system is only present on the upper part to keep the handlebar rigid upwards.

Materials mechanical properties with a specific sizing are the basis of its shock absorber properties. A patent has been registered after more than 3 years of research and development.